About us

We are driven
in our quest for
the fastest path
to the deepest value

Fastest path, deepest value

At Fleming Q.E.D., we find the fastest path to the most important truths in information by:

  • Reframing problems to generate fresh perspectives
  • Focusing on what really matters
  • Creating the most incisive approach to solutions

We integrate a “design thinking” approach into our work. This involves developing a deep understanding of both the issues our clients (or their clients) are facing and the problem itself, generating creative ideas, prototyping, and testing.

The iterative nature of this process enables us to pinpoint the most foundational issues, and resolve them quickly by generating and testing wider range of possible solutions.

We always leave our clients with a solution that creates long-term value by:

  • Uncovering deeper insights from and in information
  • Aligning solutions with broader organizational goals
  • Developing practical, implementable plans

Skilled professionals with uncommon talents

Fleming Q.E.D. was founded and is led by John Fleming.

John is a seasoned entrepreneur, strategist and problem-solver. He has 20 years of experience working internationally with complex business challenges. He combines deep experience in finance, law, data and technology with an understanding of how organizations use information to provide incomparably clear business insight, and surface and develop opportunities.

John is an effective manager who has recruited and developed high-performance teams, and he collaborates with an extensive global network of professionals and technical experts.

Prior to founding Fleming Q.E.D., John was the founder and CEO of Lytix, an innovative New York-based technology firm that helped financial institutions surface and manage hidden relationships stemming from complex financial interconnections. John previously worked as an investor in global private equity with the Capital Group in Los Angeles, and as a banker in London and Toronto.

John holds a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD, a Master of Arts in law from Oxford University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Queen’s University. He speak Spanish, French and Italian.

Fleming Q.E.D. includes a strong team of project managers, technologists, data scientists, business analysts, business process engineers and software developers, and partners with other consulting and software firms.

You can find us here

Fleming Q.E.D. Inc.
Brookfield Place
161 Bay Street, Suite 2700
Toronto M5J 2S2 Canada