Prototyping customer-centric analytics


A multinational industrial giant engaged us to design and prototype a big data product for their new digital solutions division. The purpose was to showcase the company’s new IoT capabilities, and demonstrate business value that could be offered to clients by leveraging machine-generated data.

Our client had exceptional technical expertise, but limited experience in information product development. They were working within a constrained time frame and needed to deliver quickly.

The most efficient path

We listened to our client very carefully at the outset and determined that the success of the project would rely on a clear and deep understanding of their clients’ needs. This focus allowed us to chart the most efficient path to developing a prototype, as anything that was not “moving the needle” in addressing their needs could be quickly discarded.

We conducted a series of interviews with a well-bounded set of customer-facing, experienced marketing employees in order to develop a deep understanding of their customers’ pain points, and collaborated closely with our client’s engineering experts to understand the machine processes and data. We all then brainstormed regarding possible solutions, and developed a clear storyline and prototype, iteratively testing them with the marketing and engineering teams.

After refining the original prototype, we created and delivered a clear, detailed work plan.

The most enduring value

We designed a prototype that fit well within the company’s broader development plan; addressed a problem that had high commercial value for our client; and developed a new, innovative product capability that enabled technical and business users to move more quickly through analysis and problem solving.

Our client was able to produce and deliver a prototype of a new and valuable client offering that could be bundled with existing services and was consistent with larger organizational objectives.

In just a couple of weeks, we created a path that allowed our clients to develop a prototype in a handful of days, and to refine and scale quickly after our work had been completed.