Creating a strategic universe of data


A global information provider with fragmented technology engaged us to develop a streamlined data platform for product innovation. The company had grown through acquisition and consequently had a disparate technology underpinning, which constrained new product development.

They had an ambitious growth plan that relied on their ability to develop an increasingly rich product offering for their clients. They were constrained by the opacity of their data, which limited their ability to develop new products, reduce operating costs, and manage data security.

The most efficient path

To be really efficient, we started by creating a manageable but highly strategic universe of data. We focused on organizing, simplifying and identifying the most critical data.

We worked with our client to compile a complete set of data elements, create categories with meaningful criteria, eliminate extraneous elements and identify commonalities in the remaining set. With this process, we were able to reduce the number of data elements by 90% and understand the key technical and process issues quickly.

Armed with a clear, concise understanding of our client’s data, we worked quickly to create a clean and clear strategy.

The most enduring value

Businesses that had previously worked in silos were able to collaborate and share data to develop and deliver new products and features very quickly. Management shifted its stime from struggling with an amorphous concept of managing opaque, unwieldy processes to developing deliberate powerful policies focused on product innovation and customer growth.

Our roadmap provided our client with clear steps for and detailed information on technical development, hiring, and budgeting.

Our focused, efficient approach proved critical to our client’s efforts to identify key problems and opportunities, execute its business strategy for rapid growth, and secure their critical data.