The most efficient path to the most enduring value

“We are information strategists at heart.”

Fleming Q.E.D. is not your ordinary consulting firm.

We help businesses embrace unseen opportunities by finding essential truths in information.

Fastest path, deepest value.

Nobody does this better.

Strategic value through data

We create strategic value by generating insights and uncovering opportunities at the intersection of data and technology.

We work as consultants and advisors on:

  • data and information strategy
  • innovation and product design
  • analytics and machine learning

We work from initial problem formulation through to practical, implementable solutions.

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Deep experience solving complex problems

Clients engage us to solve problems where the best solution may not be obvious.

We have helped companies

  • develop big data strategies
  • design new data-related services
  • build client-centric product roadmaps
  • find hidden value in unstructured data
  • craft ecosystem data strategies

Here are some of our case studies.

Case 8

Prototyping customer-centric analytics

A multinational industrial giant engaged us to design and prototype a big data product for their new digital solutions division.

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Case 8
Case 4

Creating a focused analytics strategy

A financial exchange engaged us to develop a customer-centric analytics strategy to grow its data business through high value-added products.

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Case 4
Case 11

Crafting an ecosystem data strategy

A fintech investment firm engaged us to craft a data strategy to deliver immediate and enduring value for the firm, its portfolio companies and strategic partners.

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Case 11
Case 10

Liberating bank capital

A top 20 global bank engaged us to find opportunities to free up capital by analyzing large-scale, complex data flows, resulting in potential cost savings of tens of millions of dollars.

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Case 10

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Skilled professionals with uncommon talents

We are creative analytical minds and are unusually tenacious.

We are multidisciplinary by training and integrative by disposition.

We use design thinking and other methodologies to generate creative possibilities.

We find the most efficient path by targeting what matters.

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Global businesses and global ambitions

We work with global organizations with complex problems, and growing companies with global ambitions.

We understand the needs and dynamics of both.

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